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Furnace Maintenance includes:

  • Observe condition of chimney/vent
  • Cycle unit Check thermostat *Change or wash filter
  • Check inducer assembly (if applicable)
  • Clock gas meter, check pressure
  • Visual heat exchanger inspection
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Check fan and limit switch operation
  • Check all electrical connects
  • Check burners and pilot for proper operation
  • Check blower motor operation
    ​*(Filter change applies only to standard filters)
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Our Annual Service Agreement Includes:

  1. Furnace Maintenance 

  2. A/C Maintenance

  3. Boiler Maintenance 

  4. 10% Discount on all parts & filters needed for service 

  5. 25% Discount on In-Store Purchases

  6. No Overtime Charges for Emergency Calls

A/C Maintenance includes:

  • Cycle Unit Check Thermostat * Change or wash filter
  • Clean evaporator coil, as needed
  • Lubricate all blower bearings and motors, as needed
  • Clean condenser coils as needed
  • Clean condensate trap and drain
  • Check all electrical connections, tighten and clean as needed
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check compressor and related amp draw
  • Check voltage drop at unit (both sides of contractor)
    *(Filter change applies only to standard filters)
Emergency Service
Fully Licensed & Insured

Annual Service Program

Keeping your equipment clean can save you lots of money. The average homes heating and cooling cost equal as much as 54% of the total utility bill! An air conditioner that is only 10% plugged up with dust, dirt, pollen, or cottonwood can increase the cost of running that air conditioner by as much as 20%. The same thing can apply to the furnace, and even worse. Service calls to repair equipment can be very expensive, which adds to the cost of running that equipment. It has been proven over and over again that over 90% of service calls on heating and cooling equipment is caused by dirt and lack of maintenance. Oh yes, parts do go bad, but not nearly so much if they are kept clean and well maintained. Ask our service technician or call our office for details on our maintenance programs and how they can make your equipment run as efficient as possible, break down less, and give you piece of mind. Our maintenance programs also give you priority status when you do call in for a repair, as well as a 10% discount on parts, supplies, and labor.

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